Technical Analysis Gives Clear EntryAndExit Points

Trading on the computer has become common today and more and more traders are starting to get comfortable trading online. This has also increased the popularity of chart trading also known as technical analysis.

Entry, exit, and a stop loss

Many fundamental traders face a problem in deciding at which price to enter and exit the asset and where to keep the stop loss. The exact levels to take a trade can never be found out in fundamental analysis. However, if you wish to trade in the market in any asset class it is important that you have a clear entry, exit and stop loss level. You need these price levels to have a clear trade plan and without them, all that you are doing is guesswork that could lead to huge losses. This is the key area where technical analysis wins over fundamental analysis. It lets the trader get a range for the price levels where the trader should enter or exit the trade.

How to do the technical analysis?

There are a number of ways in which traders trade using technical analysis. So honestly there is no one approach to do technical analysis. However in order to get a broad idea about this study you should be aware of some terminologies.

Technical analysts look at the trend of the asset and this lets them have a clear idea on the broad direction of the asset. This lets them understand where the majority of traders have positioned themselves. The chart pattern lets them know where the trend may change or where it has started to change. This lets them gauge the level to where the price movement may go on.

The technical traders also make use of some complicated formulas, read review, like indicators and oscillators that gives them signals when the asset has become overbought or oversold.


The tools of technical analysis are important to know but these are not necessary to place your first trade using technical analysis. It is important that you get a sense of how the technical analysts see the market and how technical analysis can at times be more beneficial than fundamental analysis. The technical analysts look at the past and analyze what may happen in the future.

Many traders use a combination of both fundamental and technical analysis to increase the probability of the trades. This lets them take a much clearer position in the Forex market.

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