Smart Ideas To Develop Your Love For Books Into A Business


If you like to read books then you can do business in this hobby.

Editing service

It is now possible to get your books published without hiring a traditional publisher. This means that an author can offer to sell his books on the websites. However, it is important that the books can be read and thus here one needs editors.

You can be an editor if you have a good command on your language. You should know the grammar and the writing style of the book. You may either offer to do basic editing where you will just be correcting the punctuation and grammar. You may else offer line editing where you would have to check the structure of the paragraph and correct the word choice and the flow. Developmental editing is where you will have to evaluate the book content. You need to check if there is a flow in the story and that the characters are developed well. You also need to check the pacing of the book.

Based on the level of editing service that you provide you can set your charges. It is important that to be an editor you have a good hold of the language. You should understand the development of the story and the art of writing.

To sell your services as a book editor you will need to have your own website. Outline the services that you offer along with sample and references of your past work. You can then network with the authors and get referrals. In case you are just starting out then you may want to offer a sample of your services for free. There are also many freelance editing jobs that you can search for.

Sell and rent the used books

You can use online sites to sell or rent your books. You, however, need to make sure that you have a good collection so that it makes money for you. If you have a big book collection then you can start a rental service as well.

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Start your own publishing service

Writes want their books to be published but they may not have the time to get the books ready. This is when they look for a publishing service. As a publishing service company, you can offer editing, cover design, formatting, and submission.

You may do it yourself or you can even hire contractors to do the task for you. You may either offer the publishing work as a one-time thing or start a company that works full-fledged to offer the publishing service.


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