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Università degli studi di Firenze, Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane (ICCU), Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze (BNCF), Casalini Libri, Comune di Firenze, Conferenza dei rettori delle università italiane (CRUI), Associazione italiana biblioteche (AIB), Istituto di teoria e tecniche dell’informazione giuridica del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (ITTIG-CNR), Fondazione Rinascimento digitale


In the past few years, the amount of data published on the Web based on the Linked Data principles for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web has increased dramatically. Linked data best practices are now ready to be followed by a relevant number of data providers, leading to the creation of a global data space: the Web of Data. In such a context the Florence Seminar intends to focus on interoperability and open linked data in libraries, analysing standards, experiences and best practices for adopting semantic web technologies in this area.

Such paradigm of data enrichment and interconnection offers solutions to many of the actual library issues, like enhanced web searching, authority control, classification, data portability and disambiguation. In this context the Seminar’s purpose is to outline the benefits of linked data for libraries, while offering suggestions on practical ways in which libraries can participate in the development of the semantic web. The participation of different stakeholders, reflecting the actual trend in enhanced exchange of data, should ensure new market opportunities, the development of publishing and dissemination models, together with a fruitful exchange of professional experiences.

The seminar is bilingual. Presentations are given in English by foreign speakers (but some of them will speak in Italian) and in Italian by Italian speakers.


§  Web of data

§  Linked bibliographic data

§  Management of data and distribution in libraries

§  Open data exchange

§  Semantic web techniques and technologies

§  Knowldge sharing and connection of data

§  Development of open technical standards

§  Best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the web.

§  Open archives

§  Open access

§  Conceptual models

§  Knowledge Organisation Systems (KOS)

§  Consuming and using library data

§  Standard vocabularies

§  Open library data


§  Mauro Guerrini (Università di Firenze)

Scientific Secretariat

§  Ginevra Peruginelli (ITTIG)

Organising Committee

§  Mauro Guerrini (Università di Firenze)

§  Ginevra Peruginelli (ITTIG)

§  Rossella Caffo (ICCU)

§  Giulia Maraviglia (Università di Firenze)

§  Antonella Marinaro (Università di Firenze)

§  Sandra Torre (Università di Firenze)

Scientific Committee

§  Giovanni Bergamin (BNCF)

§  Rossella Caffo (ICCU)

§  Michele Casalini (Casalini Libri)

§  Gianfranco Crupi (Sapienza Università di Roma)

§  Roberto Delle Donne (Università di Napoli e CRUI-Commissione OA)

§  Sandra Di Majo (AIB)

§  Elena Escolano Rodríguez (ex ISBD Chair)

§  Roberto Guarasci (Università della Calabria)

§  Mauro Guerrini (Università di Firenze)

§  Claudio Leombroni (Provincia di Ravenna)

§  Anna Lucarelli (BNCF)

§  Giulia Maraviglia (Università di Firenze)

§  Stefano Parise (AIB)

§  Ginevra Peruginelli (ITTIG)

§  Tiziana Possemato (Atcult)

§  Barbara Tillett (The Library of Congress)

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