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Linked Heritage has three main objectives:

  • to contribute large quantities of new content to Europeana, from both the public and private sectors
  • to demonstrate enhancement of quality of content, in terms of metadata richness, re-use potential and uniqueness
  • to demonstrate enable improved search, retrieval and use of Europeana content.

Linked Heritage will facilitate and deliver large-scale, long-term enhancement of Europeana and its services.

The roject will address the problems associated with:

  • non-standard descriptive terminologies
  • the lack of private sector and 20th Century content
  • the preservation of complex metadata models within the Europeana metadata schema.


The consortium includes representatives of all the key stakeholder groups from 20 EU countries, together with Israel and Russia. These include ministries and responsible government agencies, content providers and aggregators, leading research centres, publishers and SMEs.

Several partners participate in related Europeana ecosystem projects; this guarantees alignment with Europeana’s evolution. In addition, organisations which have not in the past been involved will contribute for the first time to Europeana. 3 million new items will be delivered to Europeana, covering a wide spectrum of types of cultural content.

The project started on the 1st April 2011 and will last 30 months.

Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane

Viale Castro Pretorio 105
00185 Roma, Italia
tel. 39 06 49210427
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